Rebranding Myself

Ok, it's been a while that I published a REAL post on this site and I really want to apologize for that!

It's been a crazy month and I decided to change my internet marketing strategy.

Inventing a Brand

The first try was to invent the brand MyGreatOnlineBusiness.

It's based upon the decision to start my first blog at

I chose the domain based upon keyword research, because that was the only bit of knowledge I had when I started in internet business.

Having a reasonable search volume, I was sure that my blog would grow quickly - and indeed I'm averaging 350 daily unique visitors after 5 months.

So the decision to include the main keyword in the domain wasn't bad.

But it wasn't good for developing a personal brand with my name in it. That's why I created this blog and decided to build the brand MyGreatOnlineBusiness.

Trying this for several month and still having problems to make affiliate sales and to make visitors stay on my site, I decided to switch the game.

Noticing that inventing a new brand is quite a lot of work and doesn't go well with my goal of creating passive income, I'll take a second approach.

Using Myself as a Brand

Instead of inventing a brand nobody knows, I'm going to use my own name as a brand.

Yes I know that personal branding is out there for quite a while and that I'm late with this insight.

But in my young journey in internet business I experienced over and over again that nothing is worse than closing the eyes to blind out problems or embarrassing moments.

So I've switched every single online presence I had.

I put some thinking about my tag line on MyGreatOnlineBusiness and switched from "Freedom, Dreams, Entrepreneurship" to "Striving for Freedom of Time and Passive Income" as this is what my blog truly is about.

The next change was to update my Facebook page. Before I just used a Twitter plugin to sync every tweet to minimize the maintenance efforts. Of course I replied to questions and posted in groups but I posted only very few updates.

Disabling this plugin will stop spamming those who like my Facebook profile and gives me the ability to make that profile more natural. Also you'll find images like this everywhere in my Social Media profiles.

Probably the most important change was renewing the address of the Facebook page. Instead of you'll find my new page at

I understood that this isn't the purpose of Facebook. So I'll engage a lot more Facebook and changed every profile image I had. I'd love to hear your opinions on the new images, please leave a comment below!

When I change Facebook, Twitter couldn't stay untouched. So I aligned the images to go well with the images in Facebook, to make myself more recognizable.

I'm also going to close @mygob and only tweet at @iamjankoch to make the maintenance easier for me and to take care of the personal branding! So please follow my personal Twitter profile if you haven't already 🙂

Let me here your thoughts on this rebranding process in the comments section, I'd love to get feedback on my changes!



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