What Do You Think: Should I Share My Library Of WP Hacks?

Let me share a quick story that I need your feedback on:

Yesterday I had a chat with two very close friends and fellow online entrepreneurs. Both of them are real ballers, Aj Amyx currently runs the Movement Marketing Summit (grab your ticket while it’s free!) and Navid Moazzez runs Virtual Summit Mastery.

I’m helping Aj with most of his websites, and I helped Navid in the past as well.

Over the last two years I gathered some pretty interesting hacks and tweaks for WordPress; I kind of built my own library.

Why I think it’s time to publish the secrets:

In the conversation with Aj yesterday I was thinking out loud and said that I should start publishing my library of WP hacks, code snippets, and all the work-arounds and tutorials I created over the last two years.

He immediately jumped on it and encouraged me to do it!

That's a brilliant example of how important it is to have a mastermind group and likeminded friends. They are the ones that hold you accountable when you share your thoughts, and make sure you make them a reality.

He said he’d love to have a library like that right at hand for reference, and he’d surely won’t be the only WordPress user who could leverage my experience.

The major benefit he sees is that my tips packaged in a library would help online entrepreneurs improve their websites and thus grow their online businesses.

But since the WP Summit saw so much organic growth and created it’s own dynamic, I became careful with what I’m announcing and sharing with the public.

So I told my bud Navid about it. His opinion really means a lot to me, as we started building our online businesses around the same time and chatted almost daily since April 2013 (or so).

Navid also encouraged me to start a public WP Hacks Library that WordPress users with no technical background could use.

Here’s what will happen in the next weeks:

  1. I’ll start a library of WP Hacks and Tweaks, that contains code snippets, tutorials, tips and tricks, that online entrepreneurs using WordPress can leverage to improve their WordPress sites.
  2. As you might know I’m redesigning my website currently (moving to Genesis). That new redesign will have a dedicated section just for the new library of WP Hacks and Tweaks.

There’s no fixed date when the library and redesign will launch, but it will happen in April 2015. I aim to have everything done for my birthday on April 24th.

If you want to get updated when the library launches, make sure to subscribe to my mailing list using the form on the right.

What I need you to do:

I’m not too sure about the name for that library currently. “WP Hacks Library” might be too techy, “WP Tips and Tricks” sounds too mainstream.

What name would you suggest? I’d love to hear YOUR ideas, just leave a comment below or share a name on social media (make sure to tag me!).

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