The eBook Challenge Is Nearly Over - A Status Update


The eBook challenge is coming to the end, I have only four days left to finish of my eBook. It's a great feeling to see my online business and my first product grow.

Since I have some customers who pre-ordered my eBook, it's definitely time for a status update.

The Target Audience

I'm writing this book for entrepreneurs that regularly have to deal with doubts, inconfidence and the fear of failing.

I had a lot of struggle with my first company, got physically thick from the pressure and worked constantly more than 60 hours per week for almost a year.

My eBook shall prevent others from getting into the same troubles that I went through. Now I know, that I based my past decisions on fears and insecurities. In the course of time I've changed my mindset and developed methods to dismiss my doubts.

Right now I'm building my internet business, quitting my 9-to-5 for some part-time work and getting control over my lifestyle. This feels great and I want to share this with you.

So if you are an entrepreneur and you're facing a roadblocks or feel doubts overcoming your mind, this eBook is exactly for you!

My History

Ok, I'm 24 years old and completely new to internet business. So you might wonder (with good reason) what I can tell you about overcoming fears and doubts in business.

Let me give you a brief summary over my past. I made graduated after an integrated degree exam in Business Informatics with an average of 1.9 - one of the best in my class. Until that point I was totally focussed on earning money as an employee, I never even thought of getting self-employed.

Since I'm living in East Frisia in Nothern Germany, I had to understand that I can't generate the expected income being employed. I had the choice between moving to a bigger city like Hamburg and leaving my friends and family or building my own business while being employed.

I choose the latter option. In April 2012 me and a good friend founded Denksport IT, offering webdesign and network services. I thought I could escape my 9-to-5 and become the boss of my own company.

Though this company was located in a VERY conservative market and me and my friend could only work besides our employment, we managed to earn a nice side income. My company was competing to my employer's company, so he wasn't too happy about this. I have to thank him, that he allowed me to start that company. But maybe he just knew, that I would quit if he rejected this plan.

I simply didn't want to be employed anymore after I visualized my goals for life. So having troubles with finding new customers, convincing conservative enterprise of the newest technology and webdesign trends and doing all this in my spare time, I gathered indepth experiences on overcoming doubts, fears and roadblocks.

The Content

My eBook is divided into three parts.

The first chapter outlines entrepreneurial values and mindsets. Entrepreneurs are taking some serious risks, that the mainstream people would never take. They act and behave in special ways and are fully committed to what they are doing. But what drives them? Every decision, every action is based on values and mindsets.

It was my mindset that told me not to rely on my employment. At some point I understood, that I would be forced to move to another city if I get laid off. I understood that I was totally depended on my boss. And it was my mindset that prevented me to accept this situation.

My values determine my behaviour. I was raised with the values to trust in my abilities, to help others, and to work hard. That's why I'm playing tabletennis for more than 17 years and being voluntarely active for nearly 10 years.

The first chapter goes into depth and explains helpful mindsets and values for entrepreneurs.

In the second chapter it's all about my business.

You'll see the complete process from founding the company to switching the business model to internet business, though I was generating income.

It was the best and the worst time in my life. I gathered a huge knowledge and experience but also suffered sometimes under the pressure. You'll see every critical decision that was made and how it affected my company for the good or the bad.

I'll show you, how my fears and doubts determined my decisions and led my company into the wrong direction. Describing how I would react now makes clear, why my decisions where wrong and how they could have been avoided. I wish I knew all this stuff back then 😉

During the third chapter I'll explain several explicit fears, doubts and questions for entrepreneurs.

You learn why these thoughts exist, on what they are based and why you shouldn't let them limit your opportunities. This is the most important part of this eBook. Each fear can be read individually, so you can just pull out my eBook in the moment you're facing that fear or doubt.

The fourth chapter contains the interviews.

To maximize the value of this eBook I've done several interviews with other entrepreneurs. I asked them why and how they started in internet business, what fears they had and regularly face and how they overcome them. These interviews are very high quality, because they provide the experience of famous internet business owners.

Some of them are really big in the game like Neil Patel, Jeremy Frandsen, Spencer Haws or Josh Taylor. Let their stories inspire and motivate you. You will find valuable methods, that are immediately usable.

But I want to prove, that success is not tied to big names. Everyone starts small. So I've interviewed less known entrepreneurs, to help you to identify yourself with my interview partners. One of them even started his business a few months ago but has already worked for governments. Another founded a development company in Pakistan, can you imagine how difficult this is? Now he is the boss of 30 developers.

You'll see, that everyone can be successful in the internet.

Though far more important is, that everyone needs to overcome fears, doubts, and other roadblocks on the way to success.

KI im Unternehmen löst uralte Probleme - wenn sie richtig eingesetzt wird.

Jedes Unternehmen kennt den Frust verlorener Arbeitsstunden durch ineffiziente Informationssuche. Mit Mein Kopilot wird dieses Problem zur Vergangenheit. Stell Dir einen Arbeitsalltag vor, in dem jede Information, jedes Dokument und jeder Datenpunkt sofort verfügbar ist. Das ist die Effizienz, die Du und Deine Angestellten verdient.
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