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Learn To Sell Sponsorships For Your Podcast, Newsletter, Or Blog

This step-by-step course helps you get paid by brands you love working with.


Here's what members inside Get Your First Sponsor have so say.
"I just finished watching all the modules. There's some good stuff in there. I've taken lots of notes and can't wait to try to gain a sponsor or two for the emails I send out to my blog subscribers"

Joseph Lalonde


Lee Jackson


"Just finished this course. It was so good. 

I signed up for Get Your First Sponsor to learn about sponsorship for online events I host. I learned SO MUCH more."
Jonathan Rosenthal

Jonathan Rosenthal


"I just had a sponsor come in randomly that I didn't even reach out to."

Lee Jackson


"Templates help kick-start thinking about how to reach out and break that "blank page phobia" Thanks so much for giving me the confidence to start this process!"

Michelle Muncy-Silva


If you want to get sponsors But Hate Selling, This Course Will Change Your Life

Being a content creator lets you build multiple income streams, and if you’re anything like me, sending sales pitches isn't on your list of favorite things to do.

Luckily for you and me, brands will happily support you financially if you know how to pitch them without actually acting like a salesperson.

Over the past years, I closed well over $150k+ in sponsorships and brand deals. You can do the same following the process taught in this course.

Before closing my first deal, I wondered:

- Why would any company sponsor me if I don't have a great following?
- What packages could I offer?
- How do I build a sponsor deck?
- How much should I charge?
- How can I find the right companies?
- What if the sponsorship doesn't work out?

I knew that I had to answer those questions to make money for myself and set up a system that took the anxiety of selling and pitching out of the equation.

Recently, I had my friend Lee go through this course. He was struggling with getting enough sponsors to cover the expenses for his upcoming event. (He was on track to lose money.)

This course helped him reframe his mindset around selling sponsorships and repackage his sponsorship packages.

The result was insane. Within a week, Lee closed and collected $6.5k in new deals from brands he hadn’t worked with before.

Eventually, he sold out all sponsorships for his event. I'm so proud of him!

If you want to get similar results for your event, sell out your podcast advertising slots, or fill your newsletter with sponsors, enroll today.