Playing Around With Blogs

You know, entrepreneurs are always full of ideas and I'm no exception.

This post will show you how I handle my ideas and why I think that bloggers can focus on more than one or two blogs at the same time.

Sometimes it's good to be creative and I can easily distinguish between what I want to do and what I don't want to do.

On other days it's just driving me crazy because I feel like I want to do everything at once.

I bet you know that feeling and that's why I want to share some of my hustles around blogging with you.

Variety Of Interests

Humans normally have various fields of interest that not necessary intersect with each other.

For me, I'm obviously interested in internet marketing and passive income, but I also love geeky stuff like coding or playing around with Linux and OS X. Not that I'm an expert in those fields, but I'd love to become one.

I'm currently implementing the Getting Things Done principle by David Allen to keep track of my ideas and projects.

But to be honest, the more freedom of thought I have, the more projects I'm coming up with - which of course is a great thing!

Becoming An Expert

The only thing I need to figure it how to become an expert in every single field I'm interested in.

It's nothing less what I want, because I truly believe that the life is all about growing yourself and writing your story.

For me, implementing GTD is the first step in the right direction to at least take care of all of my goals, ideas and projects.

Nevetheless, GTD is useless when you're not taking action! Humans only grow through practice and constant hustle.

That's why I've created, this personal blog and that's why I'm constantly searching for new opportunities.

Blogs are a perfect way to interact with a topic on a deep level. Otherwise you'd just publish crap and nobody want's to do that, right?

Though blogs are businesses, the money is only one side of the coin.

The other side is personal growth, networking and the great feeling of getting yourself out of your comfort zone - since that's where life really starts!

One Blogs Or Multiple?

I might stand alone with this insight, but I believe that people can focus on up to three big projects at a time, assuming that you can handle those.

That's why I'm currently working on MyGreatOnlineBusiness, this blog and my mentoring platform YESS.

Of course I'm doing more, you'll know that if you've been reading my other posts.

But it's just a question of organization.

For MyGreatOnlineBusiness I've been experimenting with niche websites and now I'll start experimenting with affiliate marketing.

But all this happens under the flag of MyGreatOnlineBusiness. So this one big project allows me to expand my knowledge in several fields of internet marketing and internet business.

The same trick goes with this personal blog. I'm publishing interviews with great entrepreneurs (more or less regularly) and with these interviews I'm getting used to get out of my comfort zone and more importantly I'm creating a worldwide network of high-level contacts. This network will come in handy some time!

YESS will combine all of my knowledge and wrap it up into a massive package stuffed with information you'll want to know when you're starting out in internet business.

As I'm slightly more experienced than a newbie (remember I started in March 2013), I do understand the needs of people just getting started in the hustle of internet business.

For those of you who want to become a blogger, I recommend starting with one blog and then letting other blogs evolve over time.

It might happen to you that you feel totally satisfied with running only one blog and that's totally fine. But if you're like me, you might feel cramped having only one blog and that's why I started my personal blog and start working on YESS.

The only important thing is that you go your own way and stop paying attention to the haters. Haters hate, that's their nature. Ignore them until they fade away and do whatever feels good for you.

Though you should pay very close attention to constructive criticism telling you how to improve yourself!

Taking It One Step Further

I decided that I need some playground besides my businesses.

Just recently I switched to Ubuntu instead of Windows 8 and since I'm somewhat of a geek, I borrowed a book teaching questions for the LPI certification from a good friend.

I don't know whether I'll ever get that certificate, but for now I want to play around with Linux and understand how it works.

That's why I'll create a blog dedicated to the LPI certification where I'm just sharing my progress and share my answers to the exam questions.

Maybe that site will turn out similart to Pat Flynn's or that site will turn out having 10 visitors per month.

To be completely honest, I don't care at all how this site evolves. I'm seeing this site as a playground for myself and if somebody will ever find the information I'm sharing useful, I'm more than happy.

This new blog won't be under the pressure of being monetized. I don't know whether I'll add Adsense to it or not.

For now I'm just happy to have a new way of playing around, relieving some stress and getting more into the habit of writing!

I hope that this post inspired you and made you understand how I'm handling my ideas.

Having written this post, I feel relieved and free and I'm happy that I shared my deepest thoughts with you.

Now these thoughts won't fly around my mind anymore but are published in a way that you may even be able to learn something from them 🙂

All the best,


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