My Google SEO Guide

Search Engine Optimization is very important your every online business! I developed this Google SEO Guide, which brought my page into Google Top Ten after just three weeks.

This is a screenshot of Market Samurai, which I use for monitoring my website.

The target keyword for this analysis is "Great Online Business" and as you can see, I'm ranking at position 10, though I started this blog only three weeks ago. I didn't use any backlink generating tools nor did I outsource SEO to a specialist.

I wanted to rank naturally without any tricks, so that I don't have to fear the next Google update. Let me show you, what actions I made for ranking that high.

One thing you have to be aware of: Without steady incoming content, this Google SEO Guide won't work for you. I'm creating 2 or 3 targeted posts or pages every week. It's not too much effort, but it's absolutely necessary for a good ranking.

Now lets start!

SEO Plugin for WordPress

This is the most essential step I took in aspect of SEO. I'm using the SEO Plugin by Yoast, which is one of the best and most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. This is the foundation of my Google SEO Guide, so be sure, that you've installed this plugin.

This plugin allows you to define the most important information for SEO:

  • Title for each page and post
  • Meta description for each page and post
  • Keyword density
  • Outgoing and incoming links
  • Images and alternative texts
  • Text length

When you use these information with targeted keywords they will help Google to identify the relevancy of your site for the searches with your keyword. The plugin also helps you, not to over-optimize your sites, which will result in a penalty from Google.

This plugin allows you, to directly connect to the Google Webmaster ToolsBing Webmaster Tools and to authenticate for Alexa. You should definitely use these, because they allow you to exactly monitor the status of your websites.

Keyword Targeting

The second aspect of my Google SEO Guide is targeting the right audience with your content. Choosing the right keywords decides, on which searches your site appears. With Market Samurai (read the review here)

I chose my target keyword based on these criteria:

  • The keyword gives me lots of correlated keywords
  • Not more than 100,000 global pages targeting one of the correlated keywords
  • Up to 370 daily visitors for the correlated keywords

My main keyword "Great Online Business" has around 15,000 global pages targeting this keyword. That is one fact which allowed me to rank at Google Top Ten really quickly.

You see, choosing the best keyword is really important. Be sure, that you use a professionel keyword tool like Market Samurai* or Long Tail Pro*, which you can both test risk-free with their Money-Back Guarantee.

Backlinking / Social Media

Since the newest Google update, automatically generated backlinks will drastically drag your page down! Now it's the natural backlinks, that matter - quality for quantity. Also didn't I even start with automated backlinking and focussed strongly on social networks and blogs.

I'm sharing my content on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus. I'm getting really much traffic from Facebook, though I've got only 7 likes on my page right now. I tried Facebook Ads, which I'll review, when the advertising time is over.

Also I'm promoting my content on platforms like StumbleUpon and Delicious.

Another great way to promote your content is via article marketing. Pat Flynn has written a great backlinking article on this, you should definitely read it!

This Google SEO Guide is exactly what I'm using to optimize my website. I'm going to put this points together in a neat PDF document and then I'll provide them to my newsletter subscribers. So be sure to subscribe 😉

To your success,



* = Affiliate Links

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