My Equipment - Do You Really Need A MacBook?

When you start your online business, you'll have to take care of your equipment. Your business is going to be online, so you'll need a computer. I want to show you, why I'm a huge fan of my MacBook. Though you'll definitely don't need one to become successful as online entrepreneur.


I love my MacBook because of it's usability. As an online entrepreneur I want to focus on my work. I want to write on my book and my blogposts. I want to organize my content for the writing and maybe create podcasts or audio posts. This is absolutely great on Mac, that the OS just works in the background and let's you concentrate on the really important things.

Though I'm not using the latests MacBook with Retina, it wakes up from sleep mode in a few seconds and I'm ready to work. The hardware works stable as hell, Stereopoly voted Apples MacBook with Bootcamp even as best Windows based PC.


I love my MacBook because of the software, that's developed for Mac. There are countless great tools, that are only available for Mac. Regardless whether you're looking for a task management tool, writing software, information management, programming, video and audio editing, presentations or other topics. Mac software normally is way better than Windows software. It's simply because the developers focus on user experience. They don't care about all the functions, the user probably wants - they care about what works.

Let me give you some examples:

Hardware Integration

I love my MacBook for the great hardware integration in the Apple Universe. I know, that the prices are too high but the hardware integration of these devices is absolutely genius. The keyboard is one of the best keyboards I've ever seen. The trackpad is genius and the display also (even though I've got no Retina display). I want to show you some of the hardware I'm using:

This hardware is a great combination to extend the usability of my MacBook and you can use it right away, if you already own a Mac. It's not limited to a MacBook, of course you can use them with any Mac.

Negative Aspects

Everything has negative aspects, so does my MacBook. A very negative aspect is the heat generation. The cause is the "Function follows Design"-principle of Apple. The fans are not able to keep the air cold in the aluminium unibody. Aluminium transfers heat to the outside of the case, so it's getting freaking hot. The fans are another point of criticism. Sometimes, when I do multiple things together, they turn up to 7,000 rpm and get annoyingly loud.

The most negative aspect of the Apple Universe is the pricing policy. The prices are ridiculously high and the customer support isn't good at all.

I'm using my MacBook for one and a half year and it's absolutely great. I know, that I've paid too much money for the MacBook, software and hardware components. But my productivity has improved, it's fun to work with this MacBook and I solve any problem with it.

Don't hesitate to ask your questions in the comments section 🙂

To your success,


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