Living The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

Living the entrepreneurial lifestyle is just awesome, but it can be challenging and even intimidating sometimes.

I'm living this lifestyle for a couple of months now, even though I've founded my first company only one year ago in April 2012. I thought, that having a company automatically makes you an entrepreneur, but I was damn wrong. Starting this internet business at the end of March 2013 made me an entrepreneur, because it changed my mindset completely.

I understood, that the entrepreneurial lifestyle is defined through principles and values. I claim this, because your values and principles determine your actions.

Since I want to be as transparent as possible, I'm going share my biggest achievements, that I've made so far, with you.

Starting This Blog

This blog became totally the center of my online business. It evolves over time and I got it to rank at #3 in Google for the term 'great online business'. It's ranking even better for cornerstone keywords like 'best internet business ideas' or similar terms. I wrote this blogpost about my SEO strategy, so that you can follow along.

The biggest achievement with this blog is the interaction with you, my readers. I get over 100 daily visitors at the moment - and this is a damn good feeling if you started from scratch. Your comments and subscriptions to my newsletter keep me positive and confident, that I'll make it.

Publishing my entrepreneurial lifestyle on this blog also helped me to get a lot of attention. I became a guest author for the great Yodelay blog, a digital marketing company that developed a great SEO app. My first guest post about pitfalls and opportunities in digital marketing.

Creating my first product

In internet business you can only earn money if you provide helpful content to your audience. I'm sick of people promising the pie in the sky and then selling crappy products no one would ever use.

In my eBook The Entrpreneurial Lifestyle - Proven ways to conquer any challenge I've published my whole history of being an entrepreneur. I want to show you, how I became the online entrepreneur that I am now. This eBook is a blueprint that shows you, how to overcome even the biggest roadblocks while starting an online business.

To provide you the best value possible, I interviewed various entrepreneurs that are already successful. Some of them make millions every year from their businesses, others just started their business a short time ago. That mix will help you, to identify yourself with them. Those interviews will show you, that it's definitely possible to start an internet business without a lot of money and without any technical knowledge.

Collaborating all over the world

I really love this one. Through my online business and my membership in the Internet Business Mastery Academy*, I got new contacts and friends from all over the world. My eBook got preorders from the US, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands and the Philipinnes. And my book hasn't even launched yet.

I'm collaborating with people from all over the world, having inspirational conversations and holding each other accountable is incredible valuable and even necessary for being successful.

I hope, that you like this emotional post about my status so far. I'd really appreciate if you take a look on my eBook or use my affiliate link to the Internet Business Mastery Academy. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you as fast as I can.

KI im Unternehmen löst uralte Probleme - wenn sie richtig eingesetzt wird.

Jedes Unternehmen kennt den Frust verlorener Arbeitsstunden durch ineffiziente Informationssuche. Mit Mein Kopilot wird dieses Problem zur Vergangenheit. Stell Dir einen Arbeitsalltag vor, in dem jede Information, jedes Dokument und jeder Datenpunkt sofort verfügbar ist. Das ist die Effizienz, die Du und Deine Angestellten verdient.
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