How to Stop Procrastinating

Everybody procrastinates. I procrastinate and you do it, too. But why do we limit ourselves through procrastination? Is it ok to procrastinate or should it be completely avoided? How do you stop procrastinating?

When I procrastinate, it's mostly when I have to tasks to do, that I don't like. This can be uncomfortable calls when I have to admit a mistake, programming tasks with difficult problems or just any other tasks, which matches my passion not totally.

When do you procrastinate? When I have to do a task I don't love to do, I catch myself watching more TV as usual, spending time in social networks or just surfing around the net. You must know, that procrastinating prevents you from reaching your goals, but nevertheless I keep procrastinating sometimes. My newsletter got me a message of a subscriber, who wrote me, that procrastinating prevents her from getting started.

With these three methods you can learn how to stop procrastinating.

Method 1: Getting Focussed Again

Procrastination occurs mostly, when you loose focus on your overall goal. You just see the next tasks and think about all the other things, that seem more comfortable right now than working on these tasks. There are so much activities, which are lots of fun. So why should you keep working on your tasks, rather than having a good time? Because your tasks lead towards your passion!

When you find yourself procrastinating, try to think about your passion. Think about your ideal lifestyle, the feelings you have when you live your dream. Think about all the great things you can do, when you reach your goals. Motivate yourself with those thoughts! You have to remember, that following your passion is no guarantee for having fun all the time. Everyone has something to do, that he or she doesn't like. As long as you love most of your actions, keep on!

Method 2: Let Others Motivate You

If you can't focus on your goals, because the actual tasks are draining too much energy, let others bring your passion back to you! There are great motivational videos, which get me back to work every time I see them. This one is my favorite:

The best thing of these videos is not the sports or the sexy people. They show you, how far you can go. Every time I see this video, I immediately go to work and start working hard to reach my goals. Of course I'm not as fit as the people in the video. The purpose of those videos is to show you, that some people actually reach their goals - and so can you!

Another great way to let others motivate you is reading a book or listening to an audio book. My favourite ebook for motivating me is The Millionaire Fastlane*. MJ deMarco gives great advice, which mindsets work and which don't. I can't read this book for more than 30 minutes, because I want to work and refocus on my goals!

A great biography I've heard over and over again is from Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson*. Steve Jobs really inspires people, because he keeps on focussing on his visions. He doesn't care what the others say, because he's absolutely sure that he knows best, what changes the world. This biography not just shows the positive things in his life but also his failures. There have been things in his life that weren't great. And Walter Isaacson uncovers those and let's you dive in deeply in the life of Steve Jobs.

Method 3: Procrastinate With a Timer

Sometimes the methods 1 and 2 simply won't work. There are days in my life, where I just don't do anything to reach my goals. And that is totally ok. We're all humans and humans need to rest. The important thing is, to restart working. When you recognize, that you're not in the mood to work, just don't do it. It's proven, that you are not productive, when your mood isn't the best. Work when you feel like working and rest when you don't like working. But keep a note at the side that reminds you, to restart working when your mood changes.

Just enjoy your free time and your life. Remember that your online business should support your lifestyle. You should own this business, don't let the business own you.

I hope, that this post helps you 🙂

Procrastinating is not as bad as it seems, if you still have the control over your time.

To your success,



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