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Jan Koch

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Email Strategy Coaching

Identify the missing piece that prevents you from nurturing your subscribers and converting them into buyers.

It's not copywriting and it's no secret tool - you have to send the right email to the right subscriber at the right time.

In this six-week, 1:1 coaching program, I'll show you how to do just that and equip you with all the knowledge I've gained from sending over 2 million newsletters.
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Automate Sales Using Email Marketing

The money is in your list. Learn how to move it to your bank account.

Discover the satisfaction of getting new sales every time you email your list. 

Two hours from now, you could have all the knowledge you need to send email newsletters that convert and set up email autoresponders that sell for you 24x7.
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Supercharge Your Email List

Hit The Inbox

Get more opens, clicks, and sales from your newsletters by staying out of the spam folder or promo tabs.

Just writing newsletters is not enough - you also need to ensure your subscribers need to see them in their inbox.

Hit The Inbox will teach you how to stay out of the spam folder and get into the inbox more often.
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