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"I closed deals worth $6.5k within a week!"

That's what Lee Jackson said after taking my Get Your First Sponsor Course.

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If you can think of a brand that sells to your audience already, you can get sponsored and close brand deals!

Lee Jackson, host of Trailblazer.fm

You've got a podcast, an email newsletter, or a blog...

You not only want your audience to enjoy and get value from your content. You also want to make money doing work you love.

Being a solopreneur is fun as long as you've got people coming to you to buy your products, subscribe to your SaaS, or invest in your services.

What if I told you that you could also get paid by brands who have the same audience as you? You're working hard to create stellar content. Brands want to be a part of that content and will pay top-dollar for it.
Imagine what you could do with an extra $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, or more in sponsorship revenue each month.

Following this proven process, you can already start speaking with brands in the next week - even if your biggest account has less than 1000 followers.

Below are two screenshots of just a few of the invoices I've sent to sponsors in the past months. After working through Get Your First Sponsor, you could be doing the same.
I want in!

What You'll Learn In "Get Your First Sponsor"

This course is designed for content creators. If you build your audience on social media, run virtual events, host a podcast, or have an email newsletter or blog, you can sell sponsorship packages.

This course has five modules with short, actionable videos and relevant templates that'll walk you step-by-step through the process of winning sponsorship deals. You'll also get a bonus module with templates to make getting your first brand deal easier.

Module 1: Knowing What To Sell

You'll get 20+ ideas for services and benefits you can sell to potential sponsors & that serve your audience.

Module 2: Finding Sponsors

Find the right companies & price your sponsorship packages appealing without undercharging.

Module 3: Pitching & Negotiation

Find the right companies, pitch the right people, have sales conversations, and win the deal.

Module 4: Delivering To Your Sponsors

Work with the sponsors to deliver their perks, communicate effectively & build long-term partnerships.

Module 5: Long-Term Partnerships

Turn one-time collaborations into partnerships that can pay off and grow your audience in the long run.

BONUS: Templates

Use proven templates for outreach, sponsor decks, contracts, and more.

Get Sponsored!

If you can think of brands that are marketing and selling products or services to your audience, this course will work for you.
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Here's The Full Course Curriculum

This is the full curriculum for the course. All these videos are short, to-the-point, and will let you take action directly after watching them.
Module 1 - Knowing What To Sell
Welcome! Watch this first (2:56)
What do brands & sponsors want? (3:33)
Why would a brand sponsor you even if you've got a small audience? (5:47)
What can you give to sponsors? (9:58)
How to craft sponsorship packages that sell (8:27)
Virtual & physical event sponsor package examples (8:31)
Email newsletter sponsor package examples (6:02)
Module 2 - Finding Sponsors
Where are the companies that want to sponsor you? (3:31)
Finding the right person to speak to (5:40)
Using Hubspot Free to track conversations with sponsor representatives (11:58)
Module 3 - Pitching and Negotiation
What goes into a sponsor deck? (11:43)
Pricing your sponsor packages (7:57)
How to start the conversation (incl. 10 message templates) (13:48)
Selling a sponsor package (incl. sales script as reference) (10:58)
Bonus: Sales script explained in detail (14:23)
Bonus: Thoughts on price elasticity (3:43)
Bonus: Downloadable sponsor contract
Module 4 - Delivering To Your Sponsors
Organizing live streams and roundtables (4:52)
Email promotion best-practices and examples (3:34)
Creating branded content (3:10)
Communicating with sponsors throughout the campaign (1:59)
Post-campaign review (5:26)
Module 5 - Long-term Partnerships
How to decide if a long-term partnership makes sense (10:02)
Examples for long-term partnerships

Finally Get Your First Paying Sponsor For Your Content

Lee closed $6.5k within a week after purchasing this course. You could do the same if you implement what I teach you.

This course produces results if you take action. And you don't need a degree in rocket science.
Enroll for $150

Meet Your Course Instructor

Jan Koch
Hi, I'm Jan Koch and I made over six figures in brand deals despite having less than 10k followers... if you're looking to learn from somebody who's walking the walk, look no further.

After selling my first sponsorship in 2015 and setting up long-term brand deals that make me four figures a month for years, it's time I start teaching how to make money working with brands you already love and use.

A little personal background about me: 

My beautiful wife and I have one daughter and a silver labrador. In my spare time, I enjoy doing obstacle runs occasionally, researching on and investing in cryptocurrencies, or playing around in the smart home space.

And I have time for all of that because of the brand deals that give me 100% control over how I spend my time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course work for me?
If there are companies who run ads, create content, or sell products to people in your audience, this course can get you in the position to get sponsored and close brand deals. If you take action on what you're learning, you can start pitching brands within a week after enrolling into this course.

How does this course work?
I've been selling sponsorship packages for my events since 2015 and am currently recording the training videos for this course. The course launches on September 9th - until then, I am selling it at a discount for early-bird members. You also get a 1-hour coaching session with me if you enroll before Sep 9th.

I'm just hosting my first virtual event. Can I get sponsors with this course?
Yes. You can get sponsors for your first ever virtual event if you follow the strategy taught in this course. After watching the training videos, you'll understand why companies want to sponsor first-time virtual events.

What types of content creators is this course for? 
As long as you have an engaged audience for your email newsletter or podcast or run virtual events, you can get sponsors with the strategy taught in this course. Companies want to be in front of your followers, podcast listeners, or virtual summit attendees.

What problems will this Get Your First Sponsor help me overcome?
If you have no idea why a company would sponsor you or have no strategy on getting a paying sponsor, Get Your First Sponsor is for you. You'll learn how to create sponsor packages, approach the right companies, and sell your packages to them.

Will this course teach me how to sell? 
You will learn how to pitch and sell your sponsorship packages without sleazy sales tactics. However, this is not a full sales training - that would be a way bigger course in itself and dilute the focus on getting sponsors.

How long does it take me to see results after finishing Get Your First Sponsor?
You can finish your sponsorship packages within 1-2 weeks after working through the course. Within 2-3 weeks, you can have the first conversations with sponsors.

How long is the course and what format is it in?
Get Your First Sponsor is less than 2 hours long and is a video course with short, actionable lessons. You will also receive templates for contracts and messages in Google Docs and a website template for Elementor (WordPress).

Do you offer refunds?
No refunds. For two reasons:

Reason 1: You can buy the best course in the world but you won't get results if you don't work through it. If you get stuck at any point, you can email me directly or leave a comment in the membership area for other members and myself to help you out.

Reason 2: I've been selling information products since 2015. Since then, I have seen my fair share of people jumping into my courses, downloading all materials, and then 
claiming refunds or chargebacks. 

These people won't get anywhere in life because they don't know how to follow a process and do the work. I don't want people in this course who aren't serious about taking action and getting results.

Finally Get Your First Paying Sponsor For Your Content

Lee closed $6.5k within a week after purchasing this course. You could do the same if you implement what I teach you.

This course produces results if you take action.
Enroll for $150