Dreams Guide Your Online Business

Visualizing my personal dreams for my online business was one of the first things, that I've done. It's all about why I do what I do and what goals I want to achieve in life. Having my dreams visualized will hopefully help me to keep focussed on the important steps while building my online business.

In My Goals For My Online Business you can read, what exactly my goals are to this time. I suppose they will change as I go along and get more knowledge, but right now this are my goals as simple as they can get.


Building an online business from scratch with a successful business model is a complex way to go. We all know the variety of sites in the internet and the incredible amount of (useless) information we can get out there.

I'll design wallpapers for my MacBook, which will take me back to earth, when I'm flying around the internet and getting lost in all the great and interesting stuff. Of course, you'll get download links, as soon as they are done. These wallpapers, whiteboards and maybe even your own printed t-shirts are great ways to keep your dreams and goals in mind while building your online business or whatever your actions your goals require.

Another great way to learn about starting an online business is to subscribe to the Internet Business Mastery Academy*. I'm member of it as well and I'm very impressed from the content. Of course, with their 90-days-refund policy, you're on the safe side.

There are a huge amount of reasons, why people act like they do. It's like to happen - and I recognize this behavior myself sometimes - that one is really fascinated by a single fact, action, opportunity or something else that an action is taken, that normally would not. If I see a great opportunity to earn quick money, I have to remind myself of my goals before I decide if I take an action on this opportunity. If I'd have to do something, that doesn't match my goals, I won't do it. It's easy as that. But it's a hard way to learn and right now I have to practice it every day. There are two main facts, that help you to remain focussed on your goals:

Imagination And Feelings

As soon as you exactly know what your perfect life and job looks like, you won't be able to not take action to let your dream come true. That was what I felt, when I began to visualize my dreams and goals. Suddenly I even didn't want to sleep anymore, I had lots of ideas of actions, I wanted to do immediately. So will you, your dream will catch you and you won't let him go. I thought about this a long time and I realized, that I MUST create an online business to reach my goals. Why should I stay in a life, that's not ideal to me? There are so many people who are living your dreams with successful online businesses, why should I fail? I'm passionate about earning money online to live the life of my dreams and I will keep on working hard to achieve my goals. I want to live my personal dream, because that's what I was born for. That's what everyone is born for, we aren't meant to live a life, that we don't want to. We're meant to work hard on accomplishing our goals and to be happy when the time has come!
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KI im Unternehmen löst uralte Probleme - wenn sie richtig eingesetzt wird.

Jedes Unternehmen kennt den Frust verlorener Arbeitsstunden durch ineffiziente Informationssuche. Mit Mein Kopilot wird dieses Problem zur Vergangenheit. Stell Dir einen Arbeitsalltag vor, in dem jede Information, jedes Dokument und jeder Datenpunkt sofort verfügbar ist. Das ist die Effizienz, die Du und Deine Angestellten verdient.
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