How to add the Facebook Like Box to WordPress

Hey there! This tutorial will show you how to add the Facebook Like Box to WordPress in three simple steps.

As I'm rebuilding the WP Mastery website in the background, I've worked on integrating the Facebook Like Box with WordPress.

The new site will have the Facebook Like Box in the sidebar so that I can grow my Facebook audience from my WordPress site.

It's something that I've been missing here on the current site design, so I definitely have to change that for the new site.

And it's actually pretty simple to add the Facebook Like Box to WordPress.

First steps to add the Facebook Like Box to WordPress

  1. Install a plugin called "Header and Footer".
  2. Grab your individual Like Box code from Facebook.

On that Facebook page, you need to enter the link to your Facebook fan page, the tabs you want to show, and the height/width the Like Box should be displayed with.

After entering that information Facebook will give you some codes:

Preparation to add the Facebook Like Box to WordPress

Step by step integration of the Facebook Like Box in WordPress

Now that you've prepared yourself for adding the Facebook Like Box to WordPress, it's time to actually do it.

First off, you'll need to go to the Header and Footer plugin. There you've got to add a code snippet that Facebook gave you:

Adding the Facebook Like Box code to WordPress

Make sure to add that code snippet in the "After the <BODY> tag" section. This integrates the main Facebook library with your WordPress site.

The last step in adding a Facebook Like Box to WordPress is to actually add the HTML code in the place where you want the Like Box to appear.

For me, that's a widget which I'm adding to the WordPress sidebar:

Add the Facebook Like Box code to a WordPress widget

After saving this widget, the Facebook Like Box should show up in your sidebar.

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